Keep your circles safe with our new Pod Program!

We’re happy to introduce Pods, a new socially distant enrollment option at High Exposure!

Pods are private, closed groups that remain separate from other students & climbers during your time at High Exposure.

You can form Pods with other parents who are looking for back-to-school solutions, neighbors who you have been spending time with during quarantine, or any group of folks that you know and trust! Pods are a great way to let your kids socialize and stay active with their friends while making sure that they’re in happy, healthy company during the pandemic.

Pod Classes

At the moment, we’re happy to offer Pods for the following programs:

Backyard Pods

Learning from home this semester? Let High Exposure come to you for your physical education! Our highly-trained coaches will inspire your kids to keep fit!

$29.50 per session minimum, 6 participants, all ages

Distance Learning

Receive private training and a private learning room for your Zoom classes when you sign up for a Distance Learning Pod!

Distance Learning Pods are available for a group of ten to twelve students. Everyone in the Pod will receive 20% off our daily rates for Distance Learning!

Day Classes

Interested in setting up a Pod for one of our day classes? No problem!

Start your own class on any day or convenient time and we’ll keep your pod socially distant so your kids can focus on their fitness!

Day Class Pods are available for ages 6 and up. We got this!

How to Sign Up

To learn more or to sign up for your own Pod, you can reach us through phone or e-mail!