Go NERF crazy with your friends and family
at High Exposure!

Everyone’s welcome to join an open 30-minute session of NERF games!
Moms and Dads join the fun with your friends, family and battle it out together!

Still have energy to burn?
Sign up and enjoy a day of climbing, ninja,
and parkour at High Exposure!

Eye protection and Nerf equipment are provided and
sanitized before each use.

Participants are welcome to bring their own NERF guns and goggles,
but please leave the rifle type/airsoft/Mega Darts at home.

We recommend ages 5+.

1/2 Hour Session

  • A 30-minute NERF session!
  • Book your session online!

1/2 Hour Session with Full Facility Pass

  • A 30-minute NERF session!
  • Comes with a 2-hour day pass!
  • Call or email us to book a session!

1 Hour Session

  • A 60-minute NERF session!
  • Call or email us to book a session!

NERF Birthday Parties

Party in our Exclusive Nerf Arena!

Party in our amazing New Nerf Arena with your friends and family. Build your own world, fortresses, with our awesome staff!