Welcome to High Exposure!
Do it! Be it! Live it!

To ensure a memorable day please keep in mind the below rules and precautions. Adhering to these rules will allow all guest to enjoy their experience. Once arriving, you will be greeted by a staff member for a facility tour and possible certifications to use certain pieces of equipment.

Basic Rules 

  • Participating and non-participating guests must fill out a facility waiver
  • No gum or gummies in the facility
  • No food or drink in athletic spaces. Water is allowed on the floor.
  •  Wear sneakers or closed rubber soled shoes & comfortable workout clothing
  • No shoes with heels, inappropriate clothing or offensive language.
  • No drop offs for children under the age of 14 
  • Kids that are 14-18 years old, cannot be left alone with younger siblings 
  • Beginners and non-certified belayers must climb only in the Action Adventure Room. 

Safety Rules

  • Only staff is allowed to clip your child into the safety gear. 
  • Do not use any gear without certification from staff
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our High Exposure staff is not responsible for watching your child as they might be busy helping other guests
  • High Exposure requires all adults to be certified auto-belay users before allowed to use the equipment
  • Guardians must follow each participant from room to room.
  • Strollers are not permitted on the activity floor 

Climbing Rules

  • Climbers must always climb with safety gear attached to their harnesses, when climbing top rope climbs
  • No Bouldering without a bouldering orientation and competency review
  • Make sure that you test your auto-belay to ensure that the lanyard follows your climber up the wall as they climb 

Ninja Obstacle Rules

  • Adults users must pass equipment orientation and demonstration of competency before use
  • Children under 14 years of age may not use any ninja equipment without adult spotters and staff approval. This includes the parkour room
  • No lache jumps without a High Exposure trainer
  • No gymnastics

High Exposure Staff has the right to ask guest who cannot follow our rules to leave the premises immediately.