Owner/designer, Shultz, has committed to creating a space for family adventure, that is both beautiful in design and exciting for guests of all ages. Stephanie and her husband Kiriakos own and operate High Exposure, a journey that took over 25 years!

Stephanie’s vision was to create a welcoming environment for people of all ages and athletic abilities. 

“The power of play and sport has been pivotal in my life. I was a toy inventor in my previous career and climbing indoor and outdoor since I was 16. Play was my world. Through play, we learn how to express ourselves without judgment, enhance communication and share in positive group experience. In addition, climbing is great for improving self-esteem, building strength and self-discipline. It has offered my family a welcomed alternative from traditional town sports. Climbing has also been an instrumental tool which has helped my children grow into confident adults. 

In creating High Exposure, it was important to make the joy of climbing accessible for everyone, not just the elite athlete. We designed whimsical walls with funny incentives at top. This gives beginners a goal they can reach. Guests enjoy climbing to sit on the toilet 38 feet in the air, race up the speed wall or cuddle in the cubby with a friend. Our favorite High Exposure moments are when a guest belts out “I DID IT” 40 feet in the air. This makes our day!”

Although Stephanie never loved lead climbing, she LOVES sport climbing, especially in Greece– her favorite country for climbing!

Kiriakos Kasantsidis: 

Kiri runs the back end of the business keeping accounts on track and systems running. He has a PHD in computer systems design and risk assessment. Around the gym he is infamously known as the “man in black” and also known for the coined phrase “what-r’youdoink’!”

 He has been lead climbing trad and sport for over 30 years.