Rock climbing is an excellent alternative for kids that want to become crazy strong in body and mind, but still be a part of team community. This sport develops mental-focus, enhances self-esteem and requires self-discipline.

High Exposure is proud to be one of the country’s best training facilities for youth climbing. Our team holds the title of region championships for 2018 and 2019. Our elite Warrior’s team competes locally, regionally and nationally at USA Climbing competitions for speed, sport and bouldering.

Our trainers are dedicated, warm hearted professionals who are passionate about climbing and are positive role models for your kids. Practices are designed to be super fun and engaging with a healthy dose of discipline. We encourage your athlete to be the best, he/she can be, without judgement, shame or pressure.

Our youth programs start at 3 years of age in our Little ninjas class.

Sign up for a $20 trial class. 201-768-8600!

Don’t let junior have all the fun!
If your child is enrolled in our EFT class you and or your child can work out while you wait.
$10 per family member/ parents must watch their child as this is open play

High Exposure
Competitive Climbing Team  (Ages 7+)

Regional Boulder Champions 2018

Regional Sport, Speed and Boulder Champions 2019

Divisional Sport, Speed Champions 2019

Our elite, top ranking competitors are among the best in our nation! Our customized training assesses each child’s strengths and weaknesses to reach optimum fitness. Sessions will cover advanced climbing techniques, reading the rock, endurance, flexibility training.  Our goal is to make Team High Exposure fun and community spirited while getting climbers ready for the USA Climbing Sport, Speed and Boulder Seasons.

Don’t want to compete? No problem, we will train you like a pro to become a stellar athlete.
Our wish is for you is to love the sport and get good at it!

Coach invitation is required.

Members of this squad are required to:

  • Come to 3 days + to practice
  • Own their own their own personal harness, shoes and liquid chalk.
  • Must Have Team shirt.
  • Requires a (3) month minimum commitment EFT Billing Only

Price: $220 monthly unlimited classes and membership

Youth Climbing Program Pricing

Classes Only

$130monthly eft
  • 1 class per week
  • Choose one day.
  • No Make Ups on Saturday mornings.

Membership & Classes

$170monthly eft
  • 1 class per week
  • Choose one day.
  • plus membership

Membership & Classes

$210monthly eft
  • 2 classes per week
  • Choose two days.
  • plus membership


$280monthly eft
  • by invite only
  • 3-4 classes per week
  • plus membership