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Ninja Warriors
Adult Fitness/Spartan

Bouldering, Top Rope Climbing

Climbing is an activity fun for all ages and all fitness levels.
It is great exercise and incredibly social.

Walk-in Experience
  • $25 pass includes full gym access with assistance in Action Adventure

  • Bouldering/Top Rope/Ninja Warrior pass for independent users only
  • Routes of all difficulties V0-V12 & 5.5-5.13
Adult/Kids: $18.
College Student: $14

High Exposure offers instruction at all levels of climbing ability.
There are a number of climbing classes available for all ages and abilities
Getting Started:
  • Climbers must pass belay test
  • Non-belay certified climbers will need to take a On the Rocks course
  • Non-lead certified climbers will need to take On the Lead belay class.
  • All climbers coming from other gyms do not need to take courses; if passing safety tests.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, leggings or cargo pants, jeans ok.
  • Absolutely No Baggy pants as it can get caught in our gear

The Basics: There are 3 types of climbing in our Climbing gym
  • Top roping
    Climbing with a partner who acts as a belayer holding the rope for the climber to climb up safely. Requires free belay certification test. Belay classes are recommended and required for new climbers. Call or ask a front desk employee to make an appointment.
  • Bouldering
    Climbing low walls without a harness and rope. Climbers can reach the top and jump down onto 12-16 inches of protective padding. Spotter required.
  • Leading
    Climbing with a partner that belays by giving the climber slack as he climbs. As the climber makes his way up the wall, the climber places the rope through quick draws, and the belayer takes in the climbers slack. This method is for more advanced climbers and requires a free lead certification from our gym. Lead classes are recommended and required for new lead climbers

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Action Adventure

Climbing with a twist! Fun for the entire family!

Ages 4-Adult
Stunt jump off a 32 ft. plank
Easy climbing that is fun for all ages
Climb on a 42’ colorful Crazy Cube
Learn balance, conquer fear and
Auto-Belaying systems and High Exposure
Employees to guide you through the space
Experience something totally new and exciting.

This is a space that has fun, intrigue
and challenges for the entire family.

Admission price: $25

Space is limited, reservations are strongly suggested.
Passes include:
  • Auto Belay Climbing Assistance
  • Climbing Harness
Memberships Available

  • Mezzanine viewing area for non climbers
  • All clothing must be fitted and comfortable
  • No baggy pants or skirts
  • Rubber soled shoes only
  • No high heels or climbing shoes.
  • Participants and children under 15 MUST sign a waiver

Go Ninja ! Great training for Mud Runs and Triathlons
Train like the Ninja warriors on TV.
Our Ninja Warrior Course and Action Adventure
Room has over 20 Ninja Warrior
Activities. Something for all ages

Ninja Warrior Obstacle course

  • 14ft and 8ft Warped walls, 12 ft Wall coming soon!
  • Vaulting Boxes
  • Lache Bars
  • Salmon Ladder
  • Circut Board
  • Mountain Climber
  • Devil steps and cliff hanger
  • Constantly changing obstacle courses
  • And More.....



Kid and Adult ninja classes are strength and endurance training programs. Our focus is to improve, cardiovascular\respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

We train to become our most powerful selves, in a setting geared for fun, where exercise is not the same old routine, it’s interactive, incorporating obstacle courses and constantly changing exercises, executed at high or moderate intensity.

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Parkour Room - Great Overall Training!


Parkour moves through, around, and over objects in their environment by running, jumping, climbing, crawling, balancing, rolling, swinging, vaulting, and catching.

It’s a fast paced workout that constantly changes.

Great for focus and precision training!

Parkour is for everyone, regardless of shape, size, or fitness level.

When practiced correctly and consistently, it not only is safe but teaches one how to assess risk, cope with uncertainty, and think creatively.

Our practitioners are called Traceurs.

Parkour Room

  • 2000+ sq. ft. of training equipment
  • 14ft and 8ft Warped walls
  • Scaffolding set up for lache and traversing
  • Training box platforms
  • Training Games
  • Silks

Parkour Parties

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We use a blend of strength & conditioning exercises,
reinforse technique, pratice skill drills, games & challenges.

Through games and challenges, we promote core values:
  • Creative Thinking
  • Self Confidence
  • Self-Expression
  • Healthy Living
  • Personal Achievement
  • Community

All of our instructors have years of experience
Is our
Number One


Welcome to our total body fitness center

We offer a variety of fitness classes for all fitness levels
Try our classes either as one time trial or in a block of 8 week sessions.

Classes offered

We welcome class suggestions!


High Exposure offers parties for all ages and abilities!
Parties for Everyone
  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Bat and Bar Mitzvahs
  • Sweet 16
  • Tween Night Out ( 6, 7, 8th grade)
  • Teen Night ( 9-12th grade)
  • Scouts
  • Schools Team Building
  • School groups
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Special Occasions
  • Religious Organizations
  • Fundraisers
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette parties
Ages 5-11, parties are held in the Action Adventure Room for Climbing Activites and Action Adventure.
Ages 12 and up, parties can be held in central climbing area.

Party Options

Party Notes

  • Party Host ratio: 6-1 (ensures personalized attention)
  • Well trained, friendly staff
  • Auto belay systems and Party host belays.
  • Non belayed activities
  • 10 minute safety and gear check overview in prep room.
  • 1 ½ hour Private party room

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Enjoy our entire facility
Enjoy our entire facility

Bring your group to any of the following activities for
2 hours in the Action Adventure Room or
2 hours in the rock climbing, Parkour or Ninja training rooms or a combination of both
1 Hour in our party room.

Groups Programs Include:
  • Scouts/ Merit Badge programs
  • School Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Day Camps Summer Trips
  • Fund raisers
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette

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Need a belay or a workout partner try our meetup night every Wednesday
The most empowering way to get strong is to do it with a girl friend. Join us every Thursday night.
Social, Tween and Teen nights.
These groups meet on different Saturdays of each month to have the facility to themselves. Includes Rave Party dancing.
Tight security and supervision by staff to ensure safety.


Competitions are a big part of the climbing and Parkour community.
High Exposure will host all local and regional competitions for both sports.
See home page for announced events.


We offer full day and half day programs with a variety of activities.
All ages and climbing levels
Camp experience will include:
  • All Climbing Activities
  • Introduction to Parkour
  • Outdoor Games
  • Hikes/ Outdoor Climbing
  • Arts and Crafts

Our day will be split between the Action Adventure walls and the rocks.
We will play games, climb, learn parkour and weather permitting seome outdoor activities, including hiking, trail running, tire swing, slack line etc.

Summer, Winter break and school recess camps:
  • Climbin' Ninja Monkeys: Ages: 4-8
  • Climbin' Ninja Warriors: Ages 9-12
  • Climbin' Ninjas: Ages 12 and up.

Full Day: 9:00 AM- 3:30 PM
Half Day: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM and 12:30 PM-3:30 PM

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Other Group Programs

  • Scouts/ Merit Badge programs
  • School Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Corporate team building

High Exposure offers comprehensive team building programs, designed for all fitness levels.
These programs are created to built trust, develop inner strength and new found courage.
Exercises are developed especially for your group's needs and goals.

Whether you are interested in having your corporate holiday party or a lock-in for a youth group,
we offer great group deals and special rates, with a level of personalized instruction that is unmatched .

If you would like more information about any of our services or
are ready to schedule an event, please do not hesitate to contact us today. (201) 768-8600

Custom packages are available upon request

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